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Free workshop in Manchester with Winsor and Newton

May 28, 2015


I am delighted to having been invited by Winsor & Newton to give an oil painting workshop in Manchester on Wednesday 3rd June! The best news for painters is: it’s free to attend! Also, there will even be a goodie bag for all attendees. The workshop will take place in the Fred Aldous art store, and I will concentrate on how to achieve pure. clean mixes and how to create the effect of light also in the shadows.

This is the program of the workshop: after a brief presentation of art materials by Winsor and Newton, I will present my work and discuss my painting practice, followed by a painting demonstration. In the demonstration I will explain my use of the materials and my colour mixes step by step, and in the afternoon attendees will be able to try their hands on oils following my example in the demonstration.

I have been using Winsor & Newton Artist’s Oils for many years now, and my choice to use them was dictated by comparing the results of empirical experiments that I did using several popular colour brands.

It is possible to book your place in the workshop by emailing:


Winsor and Newton oil tubes in my studio

Summer Group Show in London

May 28, 2015



This week I am participating to a new group exhibition in London with Fine Arts London. After last week’s exhibition in a pop-up space in South Kensington, this time the exhibition will take place in central Piccadilly. You can see the works on display from 27 May to 1 June, with the private view being on 28 May from 6-9pm. The other featured artists are: Alf Lohr, James Mylne, Kristian Schimdt, Max Zorn.

I leave you with some shots from the private view last week in South Kensington:

En plein air, a British struggle and passion

May 26, 2015

Haidee-Jo and Adebanji preparing to wrap up the paints after the 4-hour session. The models enjoying a cigarette behind our easels.

ENGLISH: Last Friday I had the pleasure to paint from life with Haidee-Jo Summers and Adebanji Alade, such a high level there, for a very enjoyable afternoon of work and chatting. We took a couple of models to the sides of a canal that didn’t look as picturesque as we decided it to become on canvas, and that is the beauty of improvisation: you don’t need to go too far away to find inspiration, any small spot with some interesting colour or pattern could become a nice background for the models, in fact this place was convenient for us because it is just outside of my studio building, The Chocolate Factory. Having grown up by the Mediterranean sea, I still find that England is too difficult a territory for en plein air painting, if one is looking for strong lighting contrasts coming from the direct sun and needs to work over more than one day with the same conditions. In fact the best thing to do in here seems to be either avoiding the ephemeral sun completely, in order to be able to work over several days with similar lighting conditions, or, in those lucky bright days, to leave everything aside and rush to do a painting in just one quick session. In this case we had a typical variable weather, with sun, wind and clouds alternating, a very difficult condition to capture. It was difficult also for the models, who stoically resisted most of the times the temptation to adapt their clothing to the abrupt changes of temperature. Nevertheless it is always fulfilling to paint from life outdoors, and England is perhaps still the homeland of the plein air painters, and those painters that sometimes we encounter in our Mediterranean countries working in the streets are especially foreigners, many Anglo-Saxons among them, of course!

ESPAÑOL: El pasado viernes tuve el placer de pintar del natural con Haidee-Jo Summers y Adebanji Alade, para una tarde muy agradable de trabajo y conversaciones. Pusimos dos modelos a posar a lado de un pequeño canal, el cual no parecía tan pintoresco como lo pintamos todos nosotros en el lienzo. Esa es la belleza de la improvisación: no se necesita ir demasiado lejos para encontrar inspiración, cualquier lugar con ciertos colores o formas se puede convertir en el perfecto fondo para los modelos, y de hecho este lugar lo elejimos por comodidad, estando justo fuera de mi estudio, The Chocolate Factory. Habiendo crecido a lado del mar mediterraneo, tras varios años viviendo en Reino Unido todavía pienso que inglaterra es un territorio demasiado difícil para la pintura al aire libre, si uno busca los fuertes contrastes de luz que la luz directa del sol origina, y si uno necesita trabajar en esas mismas condiciones durante más de un día. De hecho, lo mejor que se pueda hacer aquí es evitar el sol por completo, porque es una condición demasiado efémera, si se plantea hacer un cuadro que dure varios días y se busca por ello una condición generalmente estable. Otra solución sería la de dejarlo todo en cuanto salga un día afortunado de sol más o menos estable, pero completar la obra en el mismo día. En nuestro caso, tuvimos una típica sesión variable, con viento, nubes e intervalos de sol, unas condiciones difíciles de capturar para los pintores, y también para las modelos, las cuales resistieron la tentación de adaptar su ropa demasiadas veces a las variaciones de temperatura tan bruscas. Y sin embargo, inglaterra quizás sigue siendo la patria de la pintura al aire libre, y en nuestros paises mediterraneos los pocos pintores que se ven pintando en la calle son sobre todo extranjeros o turistas… Muchos Anglosajones entre ellos, claro!


“Summer Group Show” exhibition in London

May 18, 2015


Tomorrow it will be the VIP private view of a pop-up group exhibition with Fine Arts London, where I will have 7 paintings on display. You are very welcome to join to meet me, the other artists and to see the works in flesh. Please RSVP to the gallery if you would like to attend tomorrow:

"Dunes", oil on linen, 46x89cm

“Dunes”, oil on linen, 46x89cm

This is the invitation email from the gallery:

46 THURLOE ST. SW7 2LT, 18 – 23  MAY
Pop-up shop opening hours 10-18h

Pop-up shop opening hours 10-18h


Fine Arts London is pleased to invite you to our ‘Summer Group Show’ opening at two pop-up locations in central London, 18th  May – 1st June.
The first exhibition is located in South Kensington (beside the tube station) and will be on-view for one week only from the 18th to 23rd of May. The selected artists for this exhibition are amongst some of London as well as Europe’s most promising, up-and-coming, and cutting-edge: Alf Lohr, Anna-Louise Felstead, Ben Young, James Mylne, Max Zorn and Michele Del Campo.  The featured works share a focus on London, summer and cycling, images drawn from iconic places, people, and an urban London lifestyle.  The cycling theme is a ‘sneak preview’ for another pop-up show opening at the end of June 2015. Please stay tuned for more details on this exciting exhibition in partnership with Tour of Britain.
Our second pop-up exhibition will be held on Piccadilly, in Mayfair, opening 27th May – 1st of June. On view will be a broad selection of works ranging in style from photo-realistic drawings to contemporary abstract painting to photography and film stills.  Cinema, fantasy, drama and irony are the main themes explored. This show will also feature award-winning wildlife and fashion photographer Kristian Schmidt and renowned director/photographer Christian Lamb, both who are premiering in a London show.
We really look forward to seeing you at both of the events! They have been specially curated with a unique theme at each venue. Please be sure to RSVP in advance due to limited spaces for the preview evenings:

Thurloe St. Exhibition:
18-23 May

Piccadilly Exhibition:
27 May-1 June

Our mailing address is:

Video of my painting process

May 9, 2015

ENGLISH: I have made available this quick time-lapse video that focuses on my painting process for the portrait of the redhead girl that appears in my painting “Sunny Interval“. This portrait (the head and the hair of the girl) is the work that I did in one session, working “alla prima”, while the painting was still wet. The effect is more fresh and spontaneous in comparison with the techniques applied on dry paint, where the painter needs to wait for the layer to dry first and advance at a slower pace. As you can see, I use almost always big brushes, also for the details, while I use a small brush only for the retouches in the hair. This allows me to focus on the painting as a whole instead of losing my attention in the details, as these are then created in the eye of the observer in any case.

ESPAÑOL: He publicado este breve video time-lapse donde se muestra sobre todo el proceso de retrato para la chica pelirroja del cuadro “Sunny Interval“. El retrato lo hice en una sesión, trabajando “alla prima”, o sea, mientras la pintura al óleo está mojada, para un efecto más espontáneo y expresivo en comparación con las técnicas de pintura por capas, donde el pintor necesita esperar que la capa de pintura se seque para luego poder avanzar a un paso más lento y gradual. Como verás, utilizo casi siempre pinceles de gran tamaño incluso para los detalles, mientras utilizo un pincel pequeño solamente para los retoques del pelo. Esto me permite focalizar mi atención en el conjunto y no preocuparme demasiado por el detalle, ya que esto lo construye el ojo del observador.

“The Fall” project

May 8, 2015
"The Fall 2", oil on linen, 65x85cm

“The Fall 2″, oil on linen, 65x85cm

A few months ago I did a painting called “The Fall” with the intention of doing a small series. It represented an elegant woman falling from the bicycle, not hurt but deeply absorbed in her thoughts. This new painting, representing a girl who has fallen from jogging, is my second piece of the project. Her mobile phone with headphones attached are behind her on the floor and her run has come to a sudden stop. The characteristic of these “fallen people” is that their expression is almost indifferent to the circumstance of the fall, it is as if it doesn’t really matter, but it is their inner world that is suddenly shaken and they become aware of themselves throughout the sudden breaking of a routine.

“The Fall”, oil on linen, 105x180cm

ESPAÑOL: Hace unos meses pinté el cuadro “La caida”, con la intención de crear una pequeña serie con el mismo tema. Representaba una mujer de cierta elegancia que, tras caerse de su bicicleta sin consecuencias se queda un momento inmersa en sus pensamientos. Este nuevo cuadro representa una chica que se ha caido mientras corría por deporte y es la segunda pieza del proyecto. Su móvil con auriculares todavía enchufados se han quedado en el suelo detrás de ella y su carrera ha sido interrumpida de repente. La característica que me gustaría enfatizar en estas personas caidas es que sus expresiones son casi indiferentes a las circunstancias de la caida, como si no importara, pero es su mundo interior que de repente se ve sacudido y ellos adquieren conciencia de si mismos a través de la repentina ruptura de su rutina.

Where to invest in art: suggested by Hedge magazine

April 16, 2015

ENGLISH: I am delighted that the Hedge magazine has suggested my painting to investors for the price range between £5.000 and £10.000. Interviewed by Hedge’s art journalist Melissa Scallan in my studio, in this issue she writes about my work and that of five other artists with artwork value of up to £1.000.000. Hedge is the leading lifestyle magazine for the investment managing industry, with its roots in the hedge fund world. It is also published in internet and you can read the whole issue, with my article at page 69, in this link:

ESPAÑOL: Estoy encantado que la revista Hedge sugiere mi pintura a inversores para el valor de entre £5.000 y £10.000 (libras esterlinas). Entrevistado en mi estudio por la periodista de arte de Hedge Melissa Scallan, ella escribe sobre mi trabajo y sobre el de otros cinco artistas con valor de obra de hasta £1.000.000. Hedge es la revista líder del mundo de la inversión y su título deriva de la palabra “hedge fund” (fondo de inversión). La revista también se publica en internet y puedes leerla, con mi artículo a página 69, en este vínculo:




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