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Feature in The Artist Magazine

March 8, 2016

the-artist-magazine Apr 2016

The Fall series of paintings are featured in the latest edition of The Artist Magazine April 2016, p. 14-17. In the article titled “Falling for art,” I share a bit about my philosophy of using painting as a medium to communicate meaningful messages. The article then covers the specific ideas behind the The Fall series –the human experiences and emotions that the works reflect. If you are interested in the preparation and process of how I came up with the compositions, the article also includes a section on this. The specific details and narrative of the individual paintings reveal the interconnectedness between the concepts and ideas and the elements of design and composition. On a practical note, I also include the details of the materials used for these paintings.

The article is available in print and can be purchased online.


My oil painting technique

February 16, 2016


cass art, step by step oil painting technique

My technique demonstration in the Cass Art blog

I was invited by Cass Art and Winsor and Newton to give two workshops in October, in Cass Art Islington and Cass Art Hampstead. Moreover I was invited to write a blog post showing the process of an oil painting of mine. You can read it now in the Cass Art blog:


WORKSHOP: If you would like to learn my technique, I invite you to attend a weekend workshop on 19-20 March in my London studio, here you can read about it and buy your ticket:




Some students in my last oil painting workshop


Detail of “Sunny Time”



The London Art Fair

January 22, 2016

Until Sunday 24th January I am exhibiting some new paintings at the London Art Fair, stand Mark Jason Gallery. The London Art Fair is among the most important art fairs for British modern and contemporary art, and it takes place in the Business Design Centre, in Islington. I will be there on Sunday, between 4 and 5pm, and I will be very happy to exchange some words if you would like to meet me.



The Argument”, oil on linen, 130x140cm

michele del campo, the argument, detail

Detail of “The Argument”

A very special portrait night!

December 20, 2015

Adebanji Alade posing

ENGLISH: What a fantastic gathering of talents in just a few square meters we had last Thursday! The place was my studio, and the names of the artists will sound familiar to many who appreciate painting at its highest level of representational skills. Some of them came from far away and knew each other by name or were virtual friends in the social media, but had never met in person before, some others were good old friends that regularly share space in high profile society exhibitions. There were all sort of drinks and food on the table, and the noise of our excited conversations was high, but when the time to draw came, suddenly absolute silence! I switched on the spotlight and each of us took turns in sitting still in the middle for 12 to 15 minutes. We all got busy at sketching against the clock, and in all sorts of mediums: pencils, sanguine, charcoals, pens, watercolours and even ipads! We ended up having a collection of everyone’s portraits, and we could appreciate each others different approaches, but it felt so delightful to recognise ourselves in each and every sketch!

ESPAÑOL: Qué reunión más buena de talentos en apenas unos pocos metros cuadrados tuvimos el pasado jueves! El lugar era mi estudio y el nombre de los artistas sonará familiar a muchos de los que aprecian la pintura en su más alto nivel de habilidad representativa. Algunos de ellos vinieron desde lejos y se conocían de oido o eran amigos virtuales en los medios sociales, otros eran ya buenos amigos que exponen regularmente en sociedades inglesas de alto perfil como la ROI (Royal Institute of Oil Painters). Había todo tipo de bebidas y comidas en la mesa y el nivel de ruido de las concitadas conversaciones era alto, pero cuando vino el tiempo de dibujar, de repente el silencio absoluto! Encendí la lámpara y cada uno de nosotros se turnó sentándose en el medio desde 12 a 15 minutos. Todos estábamos ocupados a dibujar contrarreloj en una gran variedad de medios, desde lápices a sanguinas, a carboncillo, a bolis, acuarelas y hasta ipads. Terminamos teniendo una colección de retratos de todos los artistas presentes, y pudimos admirar los distintos acercamientos de cada uno, pero fue muy divertido reconocernos perfectamente en todos los dibujos!


From left: José de Juan, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Adebanji Alade, Michele Del Campo, Haidee-Jo Summers, Peter Keegan, Graeme Messer, Nur Shodaj, Edward Ofosu.


José de Juan being scrutinized!


Peter Keegan’s turn to pose


Michele Del Campo, “Edward Ofosu”


Haidee-Jo Summers, “Edward Ofosu”


Adebanji Alade, “Edward Ofosu”


Peter Keegan, “Edward Ofosu”


Michele Del Campo, “Peter Keegan”


Haidee-Jo Summers, “Peter Keegan”


Adebanji Alade, “Peter Keegan”


Michele Del Campo, “Glenn Fitzpatrick”




Haidee-Jo Summers, “Glenn Fitzpatrick”



Edward Ofosu, “Glenn Fitzpatrick”


José de Juan, “Glenn Fitzpatrick”


Michele Del Campo, “Graeme Messer”


Adebanji Alade, “Graeme Messer”


Peter Keegan, “Graeme Messer”



Glenn Fitzpatrick, “Graeme Messer”


José de Juan, “Graeme Messer”


Michele Del Campo, “Adebanji Alade”


Jose de Juan, “Adebanji Alade”



Michele Del Campo, “Jose de Juan”


Adebanji Alade, “Jose de Juan”


Glenn Fitzpatrick, “José de Juan”


Michele Del Campo, “Nur Shodaj”


Haidee-Jo Summers, “Nur Shodaj”



Edward Ofosu, “Nur Shodaj”


Adebanji Alade, “Haidee-Jo Summers”


Haidee-Jo Summers, “Michele Del Campo”


Adebanji Alade, “Michele Del Campo”


Edward Ofosu, “Michele Del Campo”


Peter Keegan, “Michele Del Campo”


My turn!

Portrait Commissions

December 18, 2015

ENGLISH: I am honoured that the Press Team of the Mall Galleries came to interview me in my studio about my approach to portrait commissions. Not many people know that some of my paintings are portrait commissions, for which I usually have the freedom to create a narrative typical of my exhibition pieces, like this one of two siblings from a family in Madrid: . Also you can contact the Mall Galleries if you would like to commission me a portrait.

ESPAÑOL: He tenido el privilegio de ser entrevistado por el equipo de prensa de la Mall Galleries en mi estudio, sobre mi acercamiento al retrato por encargo. No mucha gente sabe que algunas de mis pinturas son en realidad encargos, para los cuales en general tengo bastante libertad de tejer un hilo narrativo típico de mi trabajo expositivo. Un ejemplo es este cuadro de dos hermanos, encargo de una familia de Madrid:


“The Rest”, a painting that was born from a commission about two siblings


Christmas Sales on art

November 26, 2015

ENG: From now in my online shop there is a 25% discount on giclee prints and engravings! The sale will be on until 15 Dec. If you are looking for an arty gift for your beloved ones you could check out the new available artworks and prints in my online shop:


ESP: Desde ahora en mi tienda online hay un 25% de descuento sobre la mayoría de los productos! La rebaja acabará el 15 de diciembre, hasta entonces tienes la posibilidad de hacerle un regalo artístico especial a tus queridos. Puedes ver los nuevos productos disponibles en:


Open Studios 14-15 Nov.

November 8, 2015

the chocolate factory wood green

Sat 14 – Sun 15 November

The Chocolate Factory
Clarendon Road
N22 6XJ London

Together with all the artists of The Chocolate Factory I am going to participate to the Open Studios next weekend. Anyone interested in arts, who want to meet the artists, see the places where artists create, their latest works or buy directly from them, this is a unique opportunity that only comes once a year! For the occasion I will have prints, catalogues, life drawings, nude paintings and some of my exhibition paintings on sale.

artist  studio

Carles and my existentialist projection of a generation

November 3, 2015

Carles in “The Fall – Waiter”, oil on linen, 65x85cm

ENGLISH: Carles is not in reality a waiter, but I thought that his situation could describe well the feeling of a generation of people that have lost their dreams in Spain, a country trapped in a deep economical crisis. Carles has university and post-graduate studies but there is no job available and he wanders from one temporary job to another. Not wanting to leave his city Valencia and emigrate, he knows that it is going to be difficult to find what he wants. I painted him dressed as a waiter because that is a typical job that many people with university studies take temporarily in order to earn a living before finding a job more appropriate for their expertise. Carles is very expressive, and he has been already the subject of 4 paintings of mine, all dealing with existentialist feelings. In reality Carles is a very lively and cheerful person, always ready to laugh and have fun, but it is me who cannot help seeing in his situation and in that of many other friends who live in Spain, the shadow of a generation with shattered hopes.

ESPAÑOL: Carles en realidad no es un camarero, pero he pensado que su situación podría describir la manera de sentir de una generación de jóvenes que ha perdido sus sueños en España, un pais atrapado en una profunda crisis económica. Carles tiene estudios universitarios y de postgrado, pero no hay trabajo disponible, así que tiene que pasar de un trabajo temporal a otro. No querendo dejar Valencia, su ciudad, y emigrar, él sabe que será dificil encontrar lo que quiere. Lo pinté vestido de camarero porque ese es el típico trabajo que muchos con estudios universitarios hacen temporáneamente para salir adelante antes de encontrar un trabajo más apropiado a sus estudios. Carles es muy expresivo y un perfecto actor, de hecho ha sido ya el protagonista de 4 cuadros míos, todos con una cuña de tipo existencialista. En realidad Carles es un chico lleno de vida y con mucho espíritu, siempre va bromeando y riendo, mientras soy yo quién vé en su situación y en la de muchos otros amigos españoles, la sombra de una generación con esperanzas rotas.

michele del campo, the abandonment, 89x130cm

“The Abandonmet”, oil on linen, 130x89cm

michele del campo-night-thinker,-60X120cm

“Night Thinker”, oil on linen, 60x120cm

Michele-Del-Campo,-the figh,-160x400cm-MIKE

“The Fight”, oil on linen, diptych, 170x400cm

The Fall – Lady with Flowers

October 28, 2015
michele del campo, The Fall - Lady with Flowers

The Fall – Lady with Flowers, oil on linen, 65x85cm

ENGLISH:  Another one of my paintings for “The Fall” project, Lady with Flowers takes inspiration from the burden of a life experience of an elderly lady. She falls while carrying flowers, and the delicate flowers end up scattered on the floor. The focus of interest of the painting is on her face, perhaps not hurt by the fall in itself but by the weight of that burden, which suddenly, in the shock of the fall, acquires all its clarity like a revelation. With big thanks to Helen, a very dear friend, for kindly posing for me.

ESPAÑOL: Otra obra de mi serie “La Caida”, Mujer con flores toma inspiración del peso de la experiencia de vida de una mujer anciana. Ella cae mientras lleva unas flores y estas, bonitas y delicadas, terminan espargidas por el suelo. El foco de interés del cuadro, como en todos los de la serie, es la cara. Su expresión quizás no es de dolor por la caida en si misma si no de asombro por el repentino shock de la caida, tras la cual adquiere consciencia de ese peso de su existencia, como si hubiera tenido una revelación. Con un gran agradecimiento a mi querida amiga Helen por haber posado para mi.


My sketch from the imagination, and the original photos that I used to build up the image. I added the sunglasses and the black bag too.

The Fall – Skater

October 27, 2015
michele del campo, the fall- the skater, 65x85cm

“The Fall – The Skater”, oil on canvas, 65x85cm

The Fall

26th October – 7th November 2015

Artist’s talk & Q&A: Wed 4 November 6 to 8pm

Westminster Reference Library
35 St Martin’s Street Wc2H 7HP
020 7641 5250

ENGLISH: Today is the Private View of my solo exhibition “The Fall”, at the Westminster Reference Library. In a series of posts I would like to share with you the process for some of the paintings on show. This is “The Skater”. I saw this young guy falling over while skating in Barcelona and I wanted to portray him suspended in that moment when he is thinking, not yet ready to get up. I asked him if he could pretend to “fall again” for some photos and he kindly agreed, while his friend was waiting for him. In the painting I changed the colour of the T-shirt from black to red, in order for him to stand out, and the letters on it, substituting “Roma”, clearly a touristic souvenir piece of clothing, for “Rebel”. This introduced a new concept and an association of ideas. I then built up the whole environment based on various photos and my imagination.

ESPAÑOL: Hoy se inaugura mi exposición individual “La Caida”, en la Westminster Reference Library. En una serie de capítulos, iré compartiendo mi proceso de creación de estas imágenes. Este cuadro es “The Skater”. Vi a este chico en Barcelona caerse del monopatín y, tras levantarse y seguir patinando, le pedí si podía posar para unas fotos fingiendo de caerse de nuevo. Fue muy amable y posó para mi, mientras su amigo le esperaba. En el cuadro cambié el color de su camiseta, de negro a rojo, para destacar más. También cambié las letras, de “Roma” a “Rebel” (rebelde), y eso para introducir un nuevo concepto y una asociación de ideas. Luego construí todo el ambiente basándome en varias fotos y en la imaginación.

skater, process

The original photos that I used to create the image for The Skater

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