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Where to invest in art: suggested by Hedge magazine

April 16, 2015

ENGLISH: I am delighted that the Hedge magazine has suggested my painting to investors for the price range between £5.000 and £10.000. Interviewed by Hedge’s art journalist Melissa Scallan in my studio, in this issue she writes about my work and that of five other artists with artwork value of up to £1.000.000. Hedge is the leading lifestyle magazine for the investment managing industry, with its roots in the hedge fund world. It is also published in internet and you can read the whole issue, with my article at page 69, in this link:

ESPAÑOL: Estoy encantado que la revista Hedge sugiere mi pintura a inversores para el valor de entre £5.000 y £10.000 (libras esterlinas). Entrevistado en mi estudio por la periodista de arte de Hedge Melissa Scallan, ella escribe sobre mi trabajo y sobre el de otros cinco artistas con valor de obra de hasta £1.000.000. Hedge es la revista líder del mundo de la inversión y su título deriva de la palabra “hedge fund” (fondo de inversión). La revista también se publica en internet y puedes leerla, con mi artículo a página 69, en este vínculo:



Part 2 of my “Figure Alla Prima” workshop

April 13, 2015

Last weekend I gave Part 2 of my “Figure Alla Prima” workshop. It was a very enjoyable experience, moreover the participants came all from Part 1 of the same workshop and there was an air of familiarity. Under suggestion of the participants already in Part 1, I began each morning with a demonstration where I would explain in detail every colour mix and every brush stroke. In the afternoons the participants applied the knowledge acquired in the mornings under my supervision and help where needed. It was a big satisfaction for me to see that even painters with a wide experience in traditional methods of application of colour could become so familiar and find so useful my particular approach to colour mixing for maximum purity and vibrancy.


Explaining my method of mixing colours, its logics and its applications.

Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition

April 8, 2015
michele del campo, redhead,-89x130cm

“Redhead”, oil on linen, 89x130cm

I have been selected, from the open submission, to be part of the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters in the Mall Galleries, from 16 April to 1 May 2015. The selected painting is “Redhead”, a portrait of a girl named Paulina, natural redhead, who is in love with everything red. You can read and watch pictures about my experience with making the portrait in this previous blog post.

He sido seleccionado, por concurso, para formar parte de la exposición anual de la Royal Society of Portrait Painters en la  Mall Galleries, desde el 16 de abril hasta el 1 de mayo 2015. El cuadro seleccionado es “Redhead” (pelirroja), un retrato de Paulina, pelirroja natural, la cual está enamorada de todo lo que tiene color rojo. Puedes leer y ver fotos de mi experiencia para realizar este retrato en esta entrada anterior de mi blog.

“Future Now”

April 7, 2015

Future Now, Aesthetica magazine

ENGLISH: I am very happy to be published in the book “Future Now”, by the Aesthetica magazine. This is a showcase of 100 international artists of all disciplines of contemporary art, selected for the Aesthetica Magazine Art Prize. The competition was very tough, as there were around 3500 entries from artists coming from 60 countries around the world. “Future Now” is available at

ESPAÑOL: He sido publicado en el libro “Future Now” de la revista Aesthetica. El libro es una selección de 100 artistas internacionales de todas las disciplinas del arte contemporáneo, seleccionados en el concurso Aesthetica Magazine Art Prize. El concurso ha visto la participación de 3500 obras de arte de artistas provenientes de 60 diferentes países. “Future Now” está disponible en:

“The Butterfly” and my new workshop

March 24, 2015
michele del campo. the butterfly, 90x105cm

The Butterfly, oil on linen, 90x105cm

ENGLISH: This is a painting that will be exhibited in the AAF Hong Kong art fair in May at the Mark Jason Gallery‘s stand. If you have been following my blog, you might have seen that I made part of this painting in a workshop demonstration in my studio three weeks ago. Not only I was painting this to explain my technique to painters participating in my workshop, but also they were painting it on their own canvases under my guidance. They have asked me a second part of the workshop to learn more and continue the painting, and the part 2 will be held in April. There will be a new workshop from 15 to 17 May, always in my studio, anyone interested in attending can get more information and buy a ticket here.

ESPAÑOL: Este cuadro estará expuesto en el stand de la Mark Jason Gallery en la feria AAF Hong Kong en mayo. Si has estado siguiendo mi blog, habrás visto fotos de este cuadro en proceso durante uno de mis workshops hace tres semanas. Mis alumnos han seguido mis demonstraciones técnicas y han empezado el mismo cuadro, y, tras el workshop, todos han querido que pusiera una segunda parte del curso, para completarlo bajo mi supervisión. Esta segunda parte será en abril. Quien esté interesado en un nuevo workshop en mi estudio, ya he creado el evento desde el 15 al 17 de mayo, y los billetes se pueden adquirir ya en este enlace.

Recent interviews

March 21, 2015


ENGLISH: I have recently been interviewed by the online magazine Arts Illustrated, whom I thank for inviting me on their platform for a relaxed conversation about my experience as an artist. I have also been interviewed with other 2 artists and designers from the Chocolate Factory by Makin 3ndz Meet. They used the extra footage coming from the documentary about The Chocolate Factory and the Custard Factory artists studios looking into the relation between location, art and identity.

ESPAÑOL: He sido entrevistado recientemente por la revista online Arts Illustrated, la cual amablemente me invitó a una conversación relajada sobre mi experiencia como artista. También he sido entrevistado por Makin 3ndz Meet, en un video con otros 2 artistas de la Chocolate Factory. El video, que habla de lugar e identidad de los creativos, ha sido extrapolado desde el metraje para el mini-documental sobre los estudios de artistas Chocolate Factory y Custard Factory.


A great workshop in my studio

March 9, 2015

After my demonstration about how to mix skin tones. The painting on the easel that I used as demonstration piece is my own painting in progress.

Yesterday was the last of my 3-day workshop “Figure Alla Prima” in my London studio. I enjoyed very much the experience and I am so happy that everybody was very enthusiastic with their experience too, in fact all of them are interested in attending future workshops or a part II of this same workshop. The available places were limited to only 5 painters, so they could be working on big canvases and get individual attention, and I had a great group of lovely people, mix of professional and amateur artists. It was a very peculiar workshop because I gave my students the task to do the same painting that I am doing, and they progressed alongside me watching my demonstrations, looking at my painting in progress and listening to my advises. I started every day demonstrating on my canvas, explaining in detail my methods and then letting my students do the same work under my constant guidance, demonstrating on their canvases too when it could be useful for a better understanding. I was very pleased at the end with the results


My students concentrated on putting into practice my demonstrated methods.


Me at work on my painting, which was also my demonstration piece

of each of them. I taught many aspects of my technique, but the highlights of my workshop, according to most of the painters, have been my teaching about colour mixing, colour theory to achieve clean and bright colours, and how to use the brushes to achieve all possible effects with very few touches. My next workshop will be from 15 to 17 May and it’s already bookable here.

ESPAÑOL: Ayer fue el último de los 3 días de taller “Figura alla prima” en mi estudio de Londres. Me ha gustado mucho la experiencia y estoy muy contento que todos los participantes estaban contentos también con la suya, tanto que me han convencido a organizar pronto otro taller y quizás también una continuación de este mismo taller, la segunda parte. Los puestos disponibles eran tan solo 5, para que todos pudieran trabajar en lienzos grandes y tener atención individualizada. Ha sido un taller muy peculiar porque di a los participantes la tarea de realizar el mismo cuadro que yo estoy pintando, así que ellos progresaron junto asistiendo a mis demonstraciones cada mañana y repitiendo lo que habían aprendido en sus lienzos, con mis constantes consejos y ayuda teórica y práctica. Enseñé muchos aspectos de mi técnica, y los puntos más atractivos de mi taller, según me han dicho los participantes, han sido la teoría y la mezcla de los colores, y la utilización de los pinceles para conseguir todo tipo de efectos con pocos toques. Mi próximo taller será desde el 17 al 19 de abril y se puede reservar aquí.


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