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Painting “alla prima” demonstration

May 24, 2014
Painting alla prima "Rubbish", 105x160cm, 2013

Painting alla prima “Rubbish”, 105x160cm, 2013


ENGLISH: It’s only 10 days away the Patchings Art Festival (5-8 June), where I’m going to exhibit new work and set up a studio to create a big size painting in front of the public to demonstrate my technique “alla prima”. Please come along to see me and other very talented artists in action!

ESPAÑOL: Quedan solamente 10 días para el Patchings Art Festival (5-8 junio), donde expondré nueva obra y pintaré un cuadro de gran formato en público para demonstrar mi técnica “alla prima”. ¡Vente si puedes y mira también otros artistas muy talentosos en acción!

ITALIANO: Mancano solo 10 giorni al Patchings Art Festival (5-8 giugno), dove esporrò nuove opere e dipingerò un quadro di gran formato davanti al pubblico per dimostrare la mia tecnica “alla prima”. Vieni se puoi e guarda anche altri artisti di gran talento in azione!

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  1. James Bright permalink
    May 24, 2014 17:41

    Love the posts…but would love to see more of your studio, setup, organization, process to come to a decision to paint, how you use photos as reference…transferring to canvas. That would be awesome.

  2. May 24, 2014 22:10

    Many thanks for your questions James, you are making very interesting points. By coincidence my next post, which I have ready but will publish tomorrow, will be just about my studios, the one in London and a new one that I have taken in Valencia.
    After the Patchings Art Festival, which is keeping me very busy to prepare, I will be very happy to publish a post focused on my process. In the meanhile, you might find some clue in my earlier posts, with sketched ideas, painting early stages and even some original photos that I used to compose a scene. More to come though, and with a better insight…

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