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A great experience at Patchings Art Festival

June 15, 2014


ENGLISH: Last week it was a great experience participating to Patchings Art Festival. The main peculiarity of the festival is that it shows artists creating their works in public and it gives visitors the chance to talk directly to them about it. It was my first participation to the event and it was so interesting to see such a diversity of styles and approaches to painting, but also to other disciplines. Certainly it was a feast for the visitors, and most of them were artists themselves, or amateur artists looking for inspiration, hints and tips. I started from scratch a big-size painting of 190x200cm, but I was chatting a lot and I did not advance too much, however we were there also to enjoy meeting and speaking with people. I am also very happy that my painting “Redhead” was awarded the Royal Talens Award and the Artist’s Exhibition Award in the Patchings Open Art Competition.

For those who could not make it to Patchings, there is a very similar event, where I am also going to demonstrate, Art in Action, near Oxford, from 17-20 July. I look forward to seeing you there!


ESPAÑOL: La pasada semana fue una experiencia muy bonita participar en el Patchings Art Festival. El objetivo principal de la feria es de mostrar a los artistas mientras crean sus trabajos y dar a los visitantes la posibilidad de hablar directamente con ellos acerca de sus trabajos. Era mi primera participación en el evento y fue muy interesante ver tanta variedad de estilos y de conceptos, no solo en la pintura, sino también en otras disciplianas artísticas. Ciertamente fue un deleite para el público, y la mayoría de ello era compuesta por artistas o aficionados en busca de inspiración y de consejos. Yo empecé de cero un cuadro de gran formato, 190x200cm, pero charlé mucho y no adelanté demasiado el trabajo, aunque astaba allí también para encontrarme con la gente y hablar con ella. También estoy muy contento de que mi cuadro “Pelirroja” fue premiado con el “Royal Talens Award” y el “Artist’s Exhibition Award” en el concurso “Patchings Open Art Competition”.

Para los que no han podido visitar Patchings, estaré pintando en otro evento muy parecido, Art in Action, cerca de Oxford, desde el 17 al 20 de julio. Espero verte allí!


readhead, michele del campo, patchings 2014

My painting “Readhead”, Royal Talens Award and The Artist’s Exhibition Award in the Patchings Open Art Competition



The Festival Marquees, set in a beautiful countryside landscape near Nottingham. (Photo courtesy of Gary Jones)


Fiona-Peart,-Jaidee-Jo-Summers, Michele Del Campo

With artist pals Fiona Peart and Haidee-Jo Summers, they both demonstrated their techniques as guest artists, so much to learn from!


With David Curtis and his paintings, I always admired his paintings in exhibitions, books and dvd’s, and here he was, demonstrating as a VIP guest.

michele del campo and ken howard at Patchings

A wonderful surprise, the visit from Ken Howard, such a great artist and a great person as well.

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