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The creative process, 1

July 28, 2014

ENGLISH: The other week, while I was painting in Art in Action (see the previous post), many people were fascinated by the fact that the image that I was painting was made-up, a collage from various pictures, although it looked convincing. Noticing that many are not aware of the complexities of the creative process, I would like to  publish a series of posts in the next few days where I show the original references that I used to ensemble the image that I painted on the canvas. In my painting you will see that I am looking for something more than a simple representation of something, I want to create a story, to give a message, to suggest a mood or an emotion, but I have to do it with intention. The simple reality doesn’t always give me all that I need, so I have to create a reality of my own, but that looks convincing.

I will start from “The Other Side”, a 190x300cm oil painting which I did in 2011.


ESPAÑOL: La otra semana, mientras pintaba en Art in Action, (mira el post anterior) mucha gente se quedó fascinada viendo que la imágen que estaba pintando era en realidad una escena ficticia construida a partir de varias fotos. Notando que muchos no son conscientes de la complejidad del proceso creativo, me gustaría publicar, en una serie de posts en estos días, mi material original desde el cual he ensamblado la imágen que he plasmado al final en el lienzo. En mi pintura busco que haya algo más que la simple representación de algo, quiero crear una historia, dar un mensaje, sugerir una emoción o un estado de ánimo, cargar una imagen con intención. La simple realidad no siempre me da todo lo que necesito, así que tengo que crear una realidad propia, pero que sea creible.

Empiezo por un cuadro especial, “El Otro Lado”, un óleo de 190x300cm de 2011.


All the pictures that I used to create “The Other Side” painting. There are pictures from New York, London and Valencia. It took me several months to research and find all the references that I needed, and they are all photos of mine. I worked out the final composition doing a collage in Photoshop.



    These are some of the sketches that I used to develop the idea of "The Other Side". Research for locations, props and models came soon afterwards.

These are some of the sketches that I used to develop the idea of “The Other Side”. Research for locations, props and models came soon afterwards.



The Other Side, oil on linen, 190x300cm


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  1. James Bright permalink
    July 29, 2014 23:35

    Well that was one of the most helpful postings on how an artist brings it all together using methods in keeping with todays artist…namely the camera. Thank You for this great posting.
    You really really should write a book or write a book. I really think you should write a book…as many artists are craving this kind of information …and really want to look over the shoulder and into the studio of an exceptionally talented and generous individual. Anyways…will continue to read and look at what you share. THANKS!

  2. James Bright permalink
    July 29, 2014 23:38

    Hey…cannot see the drawings…they will not enlarge. Care to share a larger version of the drawings so we can see you solving the visual problems?…Thanks

  3. July 29, 2014 23:57

    Thank you so much James, it’s nice to get a feeling that some people are very interested in the “hidden part” of the creative process, the one that the artist normally keeps for him/herself, just because in our society we have gotten used to see only the “end product”, spotless and well-presented. The idea of a book is a very good one, thank you very much, perhaps one day, if I get some interest in some publisher, as I have lots of good examples and experiences that I could share… In the meanwhile I will do it at a certain degree in my blog for everyone who wants to enjoy seeing it.
    By the way, thanks for advising me about the problem with enlarging the drawings, I’ve sorted it out.

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