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The creative process, 3

July 31, 2014

ENGLISH: If you have been reading my last two posts, you know by now that a realist painting can be the realisation of a complex process of immagination mixed with intention.  Here goes another example. I took photos to people that I met in the street and invited to pose for me and I found the landscape picture looking through internet, as well as the pictures of each crows.


ESPAÑOL: Si has estado siguiendo mis últimos dos posts acerca de mi proceso creativo, sabrás  que una pintura realista puede ser el resultado creativo de un proceso muy complejo de imaginación mixta a intención. Aquí va otro ejemplo. Tomé fotos a personas que encontré en la calle, y que invité a posar para mi. La foto del paisaje la encontré buscando en internet, así hice también para cada uno de los cuervos.


The original pictures, the sketched composition and the final painting “The Coming Storm”

"The Coming Storm", 2010, oil on linen, 100x150cm

“The Coming Storm”, 2010, oil on linen, 100x150cm



I traced a pencil cross on the canvas to know where more or less each figure had to go, according to a composite image that I made in Photoshop, using all the photos. I don’t like to square up too much, as then my interpretation of the form would feel too rigid.


The real image comes out from my painting, the drawing was just a rough guidline


Me painting “The Coming Storm”, photo by Steve Pill for the Artists and Illustrators magazine.

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  1. mphunter permalink
    November 6, 2015 15:43

    I’m curious about the bicycle. Did you mask it with masking tape while you worked on the background or did you redraw the bicycle over the field and man? I work digitally so this complication isn’t a problem, I just keep the lines above my painting and can turn them on or off but they never get lost under the paint. (

    • November 6, 2015 22:50

      I paint the background first, it doesn’t matter if the drawing lines are lost, a little or completely, as then I can paint them on the top of the background. In my opinion things don’t need to be too precise in the final painting but convincing overall.

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