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The Fall – Lady with Flowers

October 28, 2015
michele del campo, The Fall - Lady with Flowers

The Fall – Lady with Flowers, oil on linen, 65x85cm

ENGLISH:  Another one of my paintings for “The Fall” project, Lady with Flowers takes inspiration from the burden of a life experience of an elderly lady. She falls while carrying flowers, and the delicate flowers end up scattered on the floor. The focus of interest of the painting is on her face, perhaps not hurt by the fall in itself but by the weight of that burden, which suddenly, in the shock of the fall, acquires all its clarity like a revelation. With big thanks to Helen, a very dear friend, for kindly posing for me.

ESPAÑOL: Otra obra de mi serie “La Caida”, Mujer con flores toma inspiración del peso de la experiencia de vida de una mujer anciana. Ella cae mientras lleva unas flores y estas, bonitas y delicadas, terminan espargidas por el suelo. El foco de interés del cuadro, como en todos los de la serie, es la cara. Su expresión quizás no es de dolor por la caida en si misma si no de asombro por el repentino shock de la caida, tras la cual adquiere consciencia de ese peso de su existencia, como si hubiera tenido una revelación. Con un gran agradecimiento a mi querida amiga Helen por haber posado para mi.


My sketch from the imagination, and the original photos that I used to build up the image. I added the sunglasses and the black bag too.

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  1. October 28, 2015 19:12

    This is a perfect example of Contemporary Narrative Figurative Painting … Michele Bravo! … This Series will be exemplary to this school of painters!

    • October 29, 2015 18:26

      Thank you Eric! I like to think that art is not only an exploration of aesthetics but also a means to say something through images. I’m glad when it reaches other people’s sensibility as it has done in your case.

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