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Portrait of redhead alla prima

Time-lapse video showing the “alla prima” process of my painting for a portrait of a redhead girl. The portrait is part of a larger painting, “Sunny Interval”.

The making of a large painting “alla prima”:

My method of painting alla prima, or wet-on-wet, with oils, to create a big painting of a seaside scene with three young people. The video examines especially my creation of faces, hands and hair for two girls that appear in the painting “The Reading”

Understanding the creative process behind my paintings: “The Other Side”

How I sketch my ideas and then piece together elements and characters taken from various photographs to then create a large scale painting that seems to be taken from a real setting.

Arte en el descampado

Levante Tv covers the news of my painting a waste ground in Valencia.

An animated journey

Antonio Dinapoli explores the ideas in my sketchbooks and simulates an animated journey towards the materialization of my paintings.

Viaje de no retorno exhibition 2011

A stroll through the Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo hosting my 2011 solo exhibition.

Viaje de no retorno interview 2011

Interview with Fueradeorden TV during the opening of Viaje de no Retorno in Lima

Close Strangers 2010

During the setting up of my 2010 solo exhibition “Close Strangers” in London I explain the ideas behind the project, the meaning of some of the paintings in show, my inspiration and my creative process.

ArtLondon 2008

Famous designer Tara Bernard meets gallerist Mark Jason to comment about my paintings at ArtLondon.

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